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Ben Jabbawy Interview

Tech In Boston #52: Interview with Privy CEO Ben Jabbawy Pt. 2

Ben was my very first guest on Tech In Boston back in 2014. He’s back today to talk about an interesting year for Privy that started with a term sheet and a deal that fell through. Since then, Ben’s shifted Privy’s business model and taken a new approach to building a startup, and they’ve added 100x new marketers to their platform in the last 12 months. He talks about all that and more on this episode of TiB.

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"Dave did an excellent job of asking the right questions. You can tell that he is very prepared for each interview. His preparation plus his interview style made this really fun to do!"

− Karen Rubin, Director of Product, Quantopian

"Dave is awesome! He does a lot for the tech community in Boston and is so laid back, nice and easy to work with. He’s also really professional and doesn’t waste any time. Loved working with him on the Tech in Boston podcast."

− Kit Hickey, Co-Founder, Ministry of Supply

"I’m a huge fan of Tech in Boston. Dave is an excellent interviewer—thoughtful, prepared, and quick on his feet. We had a great rapport and I really enjoyed sharing my story with him. Tech in Boston is doing something fresh and genuinely helpful for entrepreneurs and others who want to get their arms around this ecosystem."

− C.A. Webb, Executive Director, New England Venture Capital Association

"Tech In Boston is a great way to hear about the startups and people that are having an impact in Boston. Dave’s interview style is very straight forward and approachable and as a result, the guests always seem relaxed and comfortable. We’re happy to partner with Dave to syndicate the podcast every week on VentureFizz."

− Keith Cline, Founder, VentureFizz

"I think Dave Gerhardt’s Tech In Boston podcast is one of the best things we have going. If you haven’t yet, give it a listen."

− Meghan Anderson, Director, Product Marketing, HubSpot



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